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Not sure which package is right for you? We get it, choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve broken down the nitty-gritty of each option, so you can easily compare and make an informed decision.

Key Features Comparison

Feature Basic Starter Advanced Advanced Pro
Price $199 $275 $375 $499
Video Quality Mobile Mobile 4K 4K
Editing AI AI Manual Manual
Stabilisation Gimbal Gimbal Gimbal Gimbal
Delivery Time Same-Day Same-Day 72 Hours 72 Hours
Publishing No Yes No Yes
Creative Consultation No No Yes Yes
Extra Videos Cost $149 $149 $149 $149
Number of Videos 1 2 2 3
Location Onsite, Single Location Onsite, Single Location Onsite, Single Location Onsite, Single Location

Basic/Starter Example

Advanced/Advanced Pro Example

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch between packages?
Absolutely, all our packages are open term. You can switch any time.

What if I need more than one video?
For each extra video, it’s just an additional $149.

Do you offer any add-ons or customisations?
At this stage, we focus on delivering excellent video content through our existing plans.


Ideal for anyone wanting a quick and efficient video. Shot on a mobile, delivered on the same day.

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Love the Basic package but want us to handle the publishing? The Starter package is for you.

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For businesses seeking quality, offering premium videos with manual editing and 72-hour delivery.

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Advanced Pro

The ultimate package for those who demand the best. Three premium videos a month, and we publish them for you.

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