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Example phone-based video with AI editing.

Starter Package: Quality Content, Fast Turnaround, Posted For You!

Hey there! So you loved the idea of our Basic Package, but you’re keen to take a step back from the publishing part? No worries, that’s exactly what our Starter Package is for.

What You Get

  • Quality Videos: Same as the Basic—professional-looking videos shot on a mobile phone with gimbal stabilisation.
  • AI Editing: Your video gets the AI treatment, meaning it’s edited smartly and quickly.
  • Same-Day Delivery: We stick to the promise—your video is delivered the same day.
  • We Publish: Give us the keys to your social kingdom, and we’ll publish the video across your platforms.

Pricing: $275

That’s a tiny leap from the Basic, and you’re freed from the publishing hassle. Plus you get an extra video per month!

Your Investment in Smart Convenience

We’re making social media simpler for you. For $275, the Starter Package offers quality and convenience combined.

Package Features Basic Not Included
2 Quality Videos
AI Editing Manual Editing
Same-Day Delivery
Video Shoot Ideas
Multiple Videos

Who is this For?

  • Retailers: You want to focus on your customers and sales, not on posting videos. Let us handle that.
  • Real Estate Agents: You’re busy closing deals. The Starter Package offers the added perk of us posting your videos.
  • Personal Trainers: Building a fitness empire takes time. Let us manage the social media publishing for you.
  • Car Yards: Selling cars is your game. We’ll handle your social media updates with the Starter Package.
  • Direct-to-Consumer Businesses: If the Basic Package was just a tad too hands-on for you, here’s your solution.

Ready to Upgrade Your Socials?

The Starter Package is your ticket to not just great content but also peace of mind. You’ve got enough on your plate; let us take care of your social media. Get on board and watch your online engagement soar.

Example phone-based video with AI editing.

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